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A pointer from the current Span to another span in the same trace or in a different trace. Few examples of Link usage.

  1. Batch Processing: A batch of elements may contain elements associated with one or more traces/spans. Since there can only be one parent SpanContext, Link is used to keep reference to SpanContext of all elements in the batch.
  2. Public Endpoint: A SpanContext in incoming client request on a public endpoint is untrusted from service provider perspective. In such case it is advisable to start a new trace with appropriate sampling decision. However, it is desirable to associate incoming SpanContext to new trace initiated on service provider side so two traces (from Client and from Service Provider) can be correlated.


  • Link



attributes?: Attributes

A set of SpanAttributes on the link.

context: SpanContext

The SpanContext of a linked span.

droppedAttributesCount?: number

Count of attributes of the link that were dropped due to collection limits

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