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This interface represent a sampler. Sampling is a mechanism to control the noise and overhead introduced by OpenTelemetry by reducing the number of samples of traces collected and sent to the backend.


  • Sampler

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  • Checks whether span needs to be created and tracked.


    • context: Context

      Parent Context which may contain a span.

    • traceId: string

      of the span to be created. It can be different from the traceId in the SpanContext. Typically in situations when the span to be created starts a new trace.

    • spanName: string

      of the span to be created.

    • spanKind: SpanKind

      of the span to be created.

    • attributes: Attributes

      Initial set of SpanAttributes for the Span being constructed.

    • links: Link[]

      Collection of links that will be associated with the Span to be created. Typically useful for batch operations.

    Returns SamplingResult

  • toString(): string

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